Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you allow dogs?

We do not allow dogs on our orchard, though we love them as well, our insurance does not permit them. Thank you for understanding.

Do we need to make a reservation for wine tasting?

No reservations needed. However, if you are a very large party (20+) calling or messaging ahead is helpful.

Is it OK to bring outside food into the tasting?


Do you have an ATM/ Do you take cards?

No ATM. We take everything but American Express and checks.

How much is apple picking?

Apple picking starts at $10, permitting two people into the orchard, on the weekend it includes the tractor ride as well. Next bag is $25 (1-5 people) and $40 (1-10 people).

How do you open the Moonshine?

Use the foil cutter knife on the end of the wine key to cut around the seal of the bottle, then twist the top off.